The New York Times website critique

It is important when writing for the web to be concise, use keywords, and keep the reader interested. The New York Times¬†website is organized in such a way that is appealing to its audience. The headlines on the homepage are eight words or less. The headlines also use key words, easily findable by search engines. For example, the article titled “Free Speech in the Age of YouTube” uses key words that give the reader a good idea of the article’s content.

Web writing also needs the most important information at the beginning. Many people searching the internet do not read past the first sentence unless it sparks their interest. All the articles listed on the homepage have the beginning sentence of the article underneath. These sentences use keywords and help the reader grasp the concept of what will be in the rest of the article.

The article “An Evangelical Is Back From Exile, Lifting Romney” shows a good example of objective writing and uses the inverted pyramid. The article is very long and might lose readers attention. It is important in web writing to be shorts and to the point.

Overall the New York Times website practices good web writing. Links are used, writing is concise, headlines have keywords, and articles have the most important part at the beginning.


September 16, 2012. website. Leave a comment.