Apple’s press release for iPhone 5

Apple posted a press release on their website announcing the iPhone 5. The release is wordy and a page too long. Apple added information not relevant in the release of the new phone. It was not focused on one topic, it goes into detail about the Apple company as a whole. There are also some AP style mistakes. For example, in the first sentence the date is not properly formatted.

The first paragraph does a good job of capturing all the most important information. Apple put the most important details of the iPhone 5 at the beginning. It follows the inverted pyramid style of a press release.

Apple used relevant, strong quotes in their release. They also have connect information and links to learn more about the product. Regardless of how wordy it is, Apple will grab journalist’s attention about the product. Being a product of interest to the public, a large amount of journalist will cover it.


September 23, 2012. press release. Leave a comment.