Marc by Marc Jacobs advertisement

The Marc by Marc Jacobs advertisement above is an image ad. It is part of a larger campaign that focuses on fashion and apparel. The advertisement does a good job of brand reminding because of the similar appearance. The signature look of this advertisement campaign is two or three models wearing the product and white space behind them. This advertisement uses a label headline.

It is an image advertisement because it does not have a lot of writing content and is easily noticed as that specific brand. I think the advertisement follows the steps of A.I.D.A. It makes people aware of the product, it sparks interest, it creates desire, and it makes the audience want to take action.


October 14, 2012. advertisement, fashion. Leave a comment. blog commentary

This week I took a closer look at my favorite blog, Lauren Conrad blogs about fashion, food, trends, and other related subjects. Her posts are short and contain a lot of graphics. She focuses on a young, trendy audience, so not every reader may be interested. Her blog is interactive. It allows viewers to comment and post pictures. Conrad also picks a follower as a “Chic of the Week.”

One article I enjoyed was “Fashion Week: Backstage Beauty.” It had links to relevant websites and was written to the point. Her headline was short and searchable, an important factor in blog writing. Conrad’s graphics connected with her post. It was written to her audience in a conversational tone. All the elements of good web writing were present in this article.

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